Dealer's self-funded warranty

Dealer's self-funded warranty from CarGarantie: You are the boss

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CarGarantie's dealer self-funded warranty offers optimal support in connection with warranty management and claims processing, with the risk being borne by the dealer.

  • External processing/claims management and controlling from CG at your own risk
  • Development of dealer´s self-funded warranty based on market and needs
  • Warranty management
  • Claims processing
  • Recommendation for reserve amounts
  • Marketing support
  • Individual evaluations
  • Extensive management information

The benefits for you:

  • Optimal support for the dealer's fund
  • Neutral evaluation and processing of claims
  • Better risk calculation
  • Support with cost/process optimisation
  • Assistance with training and marketing concepts
  • Neutral controlling
  • Legally verified warranty documents
  • High planning reliability

Contact and service

Contact and service